Alfred Brum




Eckart Brum (great-grandson)
Miriam Brum (great-granddaughter in law)
Margarete Wagner (great-great-grandaughter)
Sibylla Brum (daughter)
Unnamed son

Alfred Brum is the owner of the large home on the outskirts of town in 1902 which has been in his family since it was owned by his ancestor the Squire in the 1580s.Eike mets Alfred in 1902 after being stabbed in the back and being informed by Homunculus to look for a large iron plate.Alfred has just lost his wife and is left to look after his two children.He is revealed to be a fan of the work of painter Karl Franssen and has a huge collection of his work at home and is also a friend of his descendant Mr Franssen who is a photographer.Initially ready to sell the house because of the memories of his dead wife he is convinced by Eike to turn it into a museum and then later an library.Eike can later choose to convince him to turn it back into a museum if the player chooses to.Alfred Brum is the ancestor of Eckhart Brum.