The Barman is the owner of Bar Zum Ei located near the Fortune Tellers Home in the present.He is a middle aged man with glasses and a beard.He is apparenlty killed in the bar when it is set on fire but is rescued when Eike puts it out either by putting it out himself outside the bar or by warning him about it when he is inside.If Eike receives the Scribners Egg from the juggler in the same chapter he gives it to the Barman who is a collect of rare egg shaped objects and receives a frying pan fin exchange for it.Eike can collect the frying pan later in Chapter 4 if hasnt already by either collecting it from the barman's ancestor in 1902.Eike repays a tab for a cup of coffee to this ancestor with a faberge egg watch given to him by Oleg thus sparking the Barman from the presents interest in egg shaped objects(he can also get a frying pan from this Barman if he hasnt already).In Chapter 5 when Eike gets hungry he suggests he try the house special to eat before he is poisoned by his asassin.Eike returns to the Bar Zum Ei to drink in celebration of his new life after dealing with Hugo(Ending B1 & B2).Another ancestor of the Barman is one of the squires worker who in Chapter 2 on the 18th of November 1580 is planting a tree that would be fully grown in the present day.When Eike brings a seal of the squire to him he then makes him plant a bed of flowers or build a statur of Eike.This is recorded in a painting by Karl Franssen.

  • The barman ancestor in 11580 is a tree planter
  • The Barman suggests Eike to try the chefs special
  • The barman serve Eike dinner
  • The barmans ancestor owns a coffee stand in 1902
  • The barmans ancestor in 1902
  • "Looks like I got a pretty good deal"