Main CharactersEdit

Eike Kusch: He is the protagonist of the story. During a previous visit Eike fell in love with the town of Lebensbaum, and because of that he has strolled around the streets of it on many occasions. He tries to avoid his own murder by traveling in time to change the past. Eckart Brum seems to be his only acquaintance in the town.

Homunculus: He is a Genie from a philosopher's stone who, for some reason, helps Eike to avoid his death. He gives Eike the Digipad, a portable machine which can let him travel in time.

Secondary CharactersEdit

The Fortune Teller: A mysterious woman who resides in the former alchemist's house and can inform Eike of when he is next going to die.

The BrumsEdit

Eckart Brum: Owner of the museum in Lebensbaum, he lost his wife and daughter some years ago. He lives alone in his family's mansion, and is an old friend of Eike.

Dana: She works part-time in the Café Sonne, where Eike wakes up after falling asleep in the beginning of the game. She has no close family or friends, and she thinks nobody cares for or understands her.

Miriam Brum: Eckart's wife, who died in 1980.

Alfred Brum: Ancestor of Eckart from 1900. He lost his wife and lives with his daughter and son.

Sibylla Brum: Daughter of Alfred. She is very mature for her age and will try to help Eike if he needs her to.

The WagnersEdit

Hugo Wagner: Dr. Wagner's son, Hugo cannot move on from his mother's death

Margarete Wagner: The intelligent daughter of an alchemist in the Middle Ages who meets Eike. She dreams of a different life. After learning about Eike's world, she wants to visit it

Dr. Wolfgang Wagner: An alchemist in the 1580s. Originally working on a cure for his wife's illness, he became obsessed with science and the Philosopher's Stone after her death. During his experiments, he mysteriously disappeared.

Helena Wagner: Dr. Wagner's wife and the mother of Margarete and Hugo. She became very ill, driving her husband's obsession to cure her.

The FranssensEdit

Oleg Franssen: A movie director who meets up with Eike in 2001, and "later" in 1980.

Mr. Franssen: A photographer descendant of Karl, he lives in 1902.

Karl Franssen: A painter ancestor of Oleg, he lives in the 1580s.

Other Citizens:Edit

Cake Shop Owner:Owner of the cake shop

City Hall Secretary:A secretary at City Hall

Curiosity Shop owner:The owner of a shop in Lebensbraum

Teenage Girl: A young teenage girl who wears bright pink clothing and a flower on her head

Young Couple: A young couple who are always separated yet are looking for each other

Barman: The owner and propriater of the Bar Zum Ei.His ancestor in the 1580s is the town planter.

Three Maidens: Consist of an eldery woman,a middle aged mother and a young girl who hang around each other