Real Name

Margarete Wagner




Wolfgang Wagner/Eike Kusch (father)
Helena Wagner (mother)
Hugo Wagner (brother)
Margarete Wagner (adoptive sister)

Dana is a waitress at the Cafe Somme, and spent most of her life feeling like no one cares about her. However, her life changes forever when Eike Kusch walks into the café.


Early LifeEdit

Four Years in the PastEdit

Remaining in the Past Edit

Back to the Future Edit

A New FateEdit

In an alternate timeline created by a combination of all the timelines, Eike could remember everything he learned from the past timelines, including the fact that he is Wolfgang Wagner and that Margarete is the daughter of Eckart. Using his knowledge, Eike prevented Homunculus from ever being allowed to mess with the timeline by getting the stone before Dana can go to try and find him, thus preventing her from being stuck in the 1580s. In one version he caused Homunculus to come into contact with the philosopher's stone, which caused him to be erased form history. In another version of history however, Eike went back to 1580 and helped Wolfgang in creating the elixir of life, thus healing Helena. Both mean that Homunculus can't create Eike, thus erasing him from history. It is unknown what this means for Dana however: if Homunculus wasn't freed or allowed to exist, then Margarete and Dana should have switched places and allowed to grow up in their proper eras.

Trivia Edit

  • While her date of birth was never stated, if she was the same age as Margarete when they were swapped, her date of birth might have been around 1559.
  • It is unknown why she is called Dana. It is revealed that Eckart's daughter was called Dana, but since Dana wasn't raised by the Brum's like Homunculus intended, it is unknown how she got that name.