Helena Wagner


40s-50s (1580s)
417+ (2001)


Fortune Teller


Wolfgang Wagner/Eike Kusch (husband)
Hugo Wagner (son)
Margarete Wagner (adoptive daughter)
Dana (biological daughter)


Temporal Awareness
Illusion Manifestation

Helena Wagner is the mother of Margarete and Hugo Wagner, and the wife of 16th century alchemist Wolfgang Wagner. Unknown to her however, her family and herself has been doomed to centuries of misery by a dark force.

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Nearing Death Edit

Resurrection Edit

A New Life Edit

Powers and Weaknesses Edit

As a normal Human, Helena was a normal individual. Due to her sickness and age, she was weaker than other people and was confined to her bed all the time. However, this all changed after her death.

After Hugo's failed attempt at bring her back to life, Helena was transformed into the second most powerful being in the game. As a spirit, Helena had gained a number of abilities that seemingly frightened the reality warping Homunculus, suggesting her power made her equal to him or even superior. Helena had apparently gained some form of precognition, due to being able to see some of the future. However, due to knowing when she is talking to someone from a different time, it might be that she has a form of temporal awareness, similar to how Homunculus can sense timelines, that enables her precognition. Her precognition is apparently limited however by the choices Eike could make and the complications of time travel.

While only shown in some of the endings to the game, it is revealed that Helena also has some form of telekinesis and ability to create illusions. When Hugo visited her house in 2001, Helena caused the house to fall apart and kill him. Another ending has her house, which throughout the whole game looked undamaged, to actually be run down and destroyed. She apparently created this illusion and made it last from at least 1902, as every time Eike saw it the house resembled how it looked in the present.

However, much like Homunculus, Helena has some weaknesses to balance out her immense power. For starters, she appears to be unable or unwilling to leave the confines of her house, suggesting she is tied to it. Also, as a spirit she doesn't seem to have a physical body.