Margarete Wagner

Real Name

Dana Brum



Date of Birth

9th October 1979


Eckart Brum (biological father)
Miriam Brum (biological mother)
Wolfgang Wagner/Eike Kusch (legal father)
Helena Wagner (legal mother)
Hugo Wagner (legal brother)
Dana (legal sister)
Alfred Brum (great-great-grandfather)
Sibylla Brum (great-great-aunt)
Unnamed grandfather

Margarete Wagner is a young girl living in the 1580s, but deeply feels that she doesn't fit in with the world as she knows it.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Born on the 9th of October 1979, she was the child of Eckart and Miriam Brum. For the next four months, she was raised by two happy parents. However, everything changed when her mother was shot by an unknown killer and she was kidnapped by the powerful djinn Homunculus. She was taken back in time to the 16th century and swapped with the daughter of the Wagner family.

The 1580s Edit

Traveling to the Future Edit

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Ending E Edit

A New Fate Edit

In an alternate timeline created by a combination of all the timelines, Eike could remember everything he learned from the past timelines, including the fact that he is Wolfgang Wagner and that Margarete is the daughter of Eckart. Using his knowledge, Eike prevented Homunculus from ever being allowed to mess with the timeline. In one version he caused Homunculus to come into contact with the philosopher's stone, which caused him to be erased form history. In another version of history however, Eike went back to 1580 and helped Wolfgang in creating the elixir of life, thus healing Helena. Both mean that Homunculus can't create Eike, thus erasing him from history. It is unknown what this means for Margarete however: if Homunculus wasn't freed or allowed to exist, then Margarete and Dana should have switched places and allowed to grow up in their proper eras. However, when Eike is being erased in the first EX ending, he remembers seeing Margarete with him as Helena gets better, suggesting she stays in the 1580s.

Trivia Edit

  • Margarete is the only character with a confirmed date of birth, with other character having their ages guessed. However, assuming that Dana was the same age as Margarete when they were swapped, Dana's date of birth might have been around 1559.
  • Through an optional side quest, Eike can make Margarete the inventor and namesake of a special type of chocolate. Being a product in the bakery in both 2001 Eike can take it back to the 1580s and give it to Margarete, who enjoys it. This makes it available in 1980, which Eike can then buy to either eat or give to Margarete for an additional scene. This leads to her inventing the chocolate at some point in her life, though it is unknown what happens to the chocolate if Eike allows her to stay in 2001, unless she made it before 1584.