The middle aged woman is a mother wearing a short skirt,brown jumper with long hair and her daughter has her hair in two ponytails.They can be first found in the past in the Prologue looking for each other and agree to meet Eike at the square at 2:30pm to view a street performance and find each other.In later chapters they can be found inside the Cake Shop.Their ancestors can be found living in the 1580s and first meet Eike in Chapter 2 on the 18th of November 1580 where the three are harrasing Margarete over her inapropriate clothing in the town square.Eike scares them off with either his lighter or cellphone.In later visits she can be seen hanging around the square.Despite deriding the clothes of Margarete and the ancestor of the teenage girl she secretly envies them.On the 13th of August 1584 they spot Eike in front of the Wagners Home and inform him of what has happened believing that he has paid retribution to God for involving himself in dangerous scientific research.