Video Game Releases

Shadow of Memories (Japanese Release)

Price: 6,800 Japanese Yen

Platform: Japanese PS2

Release Date: 2001.02.22

PS2 Code: SLPM-65013

First Video Game produced by Junko Kawano.

The Price for used copy is usually 1000 Japanese Yen.
A notice of "Caution Violence", because of the addition of a video of Silent Hill 2.
If you were wondering, Shadow of Memories contains no violent scenes and is a pleasant experience.

Shadow of Destiny (North American Release)

Price: 50 American Dollars

Platform: North American PS2

Release Date: 2001.03.06

PS2 Code: SLUS-20146

For the North American audience, Shadow of Memories was renamed to Shadow of Destiny. The Contents are the same, except the cover which was also changed to suit the new title and the American audience.
Shadow of Memories (European Release)

Price: 35 Pounds

Platform: European PS2

Release Date: 2001.03.30

PS2 Code: SLPM-65070

The European version uses the same title as the Japanese version, though it has a different cover. It was released in many countries throughout Europe.

Shadow of Memories - Konami the Best Edition (Japanese Release)


Price: 2,800 Japanese Yen

Platform: Japanese PS2

Release Date: 2001.11.22

PS2 Code: SLPM-65070

This version of the game is the easist to find in Japan. This version has a white box around the original box art (standard for games under the "Konami the Best Edition") and the contents are the same as the original release.

Shadow of Memories - Xbox (European Release only)


Price: 35 Pounds

Platform: Microsoft Xbox

Release Date: 2002.09.20

XBOX Code:

The Xbox Port is the same game but it has some improvements such as slightly better graphics though some textures are blurry for some reason. It was only released in European Territories.

Shadow of Memories - PC Release (All Regions)


Price: Varies depending on Region

Platform: Windows

Release Date: 2003.02.07

Code - 

The Windows version features higher resoltions than the console versions, that seems to be the only improvement. Though there is a mod on moddb which lets the user play the game using the 2010 PSP re-dub voice actors.