Shadow of Memories (as known in Europe), or Shadow of Destiny (as known in the US) is an adventure video game released by Konami in 2001 on the PlayStation 2. Other platforms are the PC, Xbox, and PSP. Shadow of Memories is set in Lebensbaum, a small German town in 2001; but makes use of time travel as your protagonist fights against destiny. The producer and writer Junko Kawano released Time Hollow for the Nintendo DS in 2008, which shares some parallels to Shadow of Memories but no direct links and is not a sequel.

Plot Edit

Prologue Edit

Exiting the café at 2:00, Eike continues exploring the town. When no one is around, an unseen assailant stabs him in the back with a knife and flees, leaving him to die. Suffering from his injury, Eike dies on the streets.Unexpectedly, he is transported into a Homunculus’ Realm/mysterious void, only featuring a small platform containing a random assortment of items. There, he hears the voice of Homunculus, who informs him of his death and how he can change it, offering him the Digipad. Eike at first believes that the djinn would do this in exchange for his soul, though Homunculus rejects the suggestion. Information about the Digipad is explained to him, allowing him to operate it.

Using the Digipad, Eike finds himself back in the café. He comes across a fortune teller’s place, and decides to see what his fortune says. Once inside, the fortune teller reveals that he will die at 2:30, and that he can prevent this, as well as offering to tell him of his intended time of death if he manages to survive. Realising that whoever stabbed him would not be able to do so if he was surrounded, Eike goes back to 1:30 and tells people of a performer in the town square. Returning to the present, he sees a juggler entertaining in the square, attracting a crowd, thus preventing Eike’s intended death.

Chapter 1 Edit

With his death prevented, Eike discovers that the Bar Zum Ei is on fire, with several people witnessing it and a young boy saying that his grandfather is in there. Eike may at first refuse to go into the building due to the fire’s danger, and interacts with the street performer, who drops his juggling balls and throws him an egg-shaped ornament, containing a message telling him to get something like an iron plate. Confused by what he reads, he finds that the juggler has disappeared.Whether or not he obtains the egg ornament, Eike goes inside Bar Zum Ei, only to find no one there. Unable to open the door and with the stairs blocked by burning debris, he suffocates from the smoke. Back in Homunculus’ realm, the djinn tells him that he can prevent the fire from ever starting.

Sent back to the burning bar, the Digipad glows, giving him the chance to go back and stop the fire. He either goes round the back of the building and scares off the culprit (not seeing his face) before putting out the fire out, or alerts the bar owner of the attempted burning, who stops the fire in his place(trading the egg for a frying pan). Returning to the present, Eike sees the previous timeline fade away, and the Bar Zum Ei remains standing. It is with this event that he realises what it means to change the past.

Chapter 2 Edit

At the public square, Dana finds Eike, wanting to give him back his lighter and the Philosopher's Stone. During a short conversation, concerning the necklace Dana comments that it would look great on a lot of girls and Eike mentions he could make a necklace from it as "I may not look it but I'm pretty good with my hands". She returns his lighter and Eike is soon stabbed by a figure from behind a tree, much to Dana's shock. Waking up in Homunculus' home, he now knows that his killer is near and he will have to do something to prevent his latest death. His mind is sent back to the moment where Dana gave him his lighter and the stone, only this time the Digipad responds to a new era open for use. Taking advantage of this, Eike travels to this new period, 1580, but has the unexpected effect of sending Dana with him too. Eike lands in 1580 alone in the middle of three village women attempting to blackmail Margarete Wagner into making them dresses so that they won't arrest her for her sense of fashion. The women assume Magarete to have summoned the young man, branding her as a dabbler in witchcraft. Soon, a town watchman appears at the scene, wondering what all the commotion is about. Wanting to scare off the people, Eike either takes out his lighter or mobile phone, which successfully frighten them into leaving Magarete alone.

Grateful for his service, Magarete invites him to her home, though Eike wishes to find Dana, wondering where she has gone. At the Wagner home, he meets Hugo Wagner/Hugo and Helena Wagner/Helena, the latter being sick, with Dr. Wagner obsessed with finding a cure. Helena notices that Eike's voice is remarkably similar to that of her husband's, but thinks nothing else of it while Hugo mentions he is "pretty good with working with my hands".Exiting the house, he finds in the town square the man who will plant the tree, an ancestor of the bar owner, only for him to say that he will only obey those with permission from the town squire. Taking a royal seal from the top of the squire's residence, since it would fall off, Eike uses it to persuade the planter to replace the tree with either flowers or a statue. Returning to the present, Eike feels guilty over having accidentally sent Dana back in time, and tries to have a cigarette, only for him to quit due to the circumstances involved. Turning round, he sees the tree fade as the new timeline has the flowers/statue of himself in its place.

Chapter 3 Edit

After dying from being hit on the head with a falling vase,Eike gets a phonecall from a friend of his Eckhart Brum who reminds him that he will soon close the art museum at the southern end of town.Eike heads there and when he meets Eckhart in his office he discusses alchemy with him.Eckhart mentions that there once was a famous alchemist that lived in town and hands him a book on alchemy.Once downstairs a strange black figure with a familar voice materialises in the foyer and introduces himself as Homunculus the person responsible for saving Eikes life.Stating that he is rather incabaple of directly helping he does mention that he can give Eike an example of his power.To do this hes sends Eike to the night of 9th of October 1979 wherein Eike meets a younger Eckhart(and is observed by a young Oleg Franssen) who just announces the arrival of his baby girl from his wife.Collecting enough energy units to send him home,he is met by Homunculus who tries to convince Eike that he is on his side.Eike returns to Eckhart who is standing by a window and brings up the subject of his daughter which causes Eckhart in distress to accidently drop the same vase that had killed earlier on.Eckhart mentions that his daughter was kidnapped by a madman shortly after she was born and that his wife was killed in the attack.Eike leaves and meets Homunculus downstairs(leaving Eckhart angry of the vase) who convinces Eike more that he should be trusted.He states that even though he is temporally powerful he is physically weak as he became exhausted simply from picking up a baby "the other day".He also mentions that Eike will run into the red stone again and he wants Eike to give to someone called Dr.Wagner before dissapearing.

Chapter 4 Edit

Eike is stabbed in the back and is then hinted by Homunculus to get a large iron plate to prevent his death.When he awakens finds a picture inside the Alchemy book of a black and white photo of a man who looks similar to Eckhart Brum standing with a girl in front of the Museum(if Eike has the scribners egg from the juggler,the juggler is also present) transported to the 20th of March 1902 using the Digipad and heads toward the Brum Museum and meets Alfred Brum and asks him if he is the owner of the Museum.Alfred suprised mentions that it is not a museum but rather his home which he has intended to sell due to it reminding it to his late wife.Taking Eike suggestions he decides that making it a museum would be ideal as it would allow him to work at home and look after his kidsand has many paintings by his favourite artist Karl Franssen.Inside Eike meets Sibylla who is looking after a younger child.Eckhart decides to contact a friend Mr.Franssen in order to take a photo.Relieved that she doesn't have move she thanks Eike for telling her father not to sell the house and notices a rip in his jumper.She suggests wearing the jugglers costume which Eike does.Eike realises he needs an iron plate like a frying pan and is told by Sibylla they have none but a restaurant or cafe may have one but they are closed.He has several choices.He can a)return to earlier in the morning of the 9th of April 2001 where he gives his younger self the Scribners Egg thus ensuring a frying pan materialises in his inventory b)collect a loose iron sign from the Cafe Somme in 1902 or c)Collect one from the Barman present in 1902 after drinking a cup of coffee and starting a tab.Eike returns to Sibylla who is sad he left but he apologises and they then take part in the photo with Alfred.Eike is about to change back into his normal clothes but finds Sibylla astonished by the fact she saw him already changed much to Eikes confusion.After placing the iron saucepan or iron plate into his back Eike returns to the present to prevent another attempt on his life.Depending on his actions Eike will notice the similarities of the juggler suit to the one worn by himself and is given a lesson on the nature of time travel by Homunculus.

Chapter 5 Edit

Eike realising that he is hungry decides to drop off at the Bar Zum Ei where he orders the house special and begins reading from the Alchemy Book he obtained from Eckhart which details the history of both alchemy and Dr. Wolfgang Wagner mentioning the existence of the Philosophers Stone,not noticing that his food is spiked by a someone as it is delivered to him.After leaving the bar Eike meets Homunculus and shows him the book despite Homunculus protestations of being repulsed by the pentagram on its cover.Homunculus mentions that Eike is linked to Dr, Wagners daughter due to the Digipad's link to the age.He reasserts that Eike must find the red stone before dissapearing.Eike to feel a series of stabbing pains and then dies.Homunculus mentions that he poisoned by the female sea hare which Eike can find out about in library which is now the museum.Eike return to 1902 and after talking to Sibylla realises her lonliness and decides to get her a cat from Eckhart.After giving her the kitten he talks to Alfred and convinces him to turn the home into a library.Returning to the present Eike now enters the Eckhart Library and finds a book on poisons which states that the posione can be cured with an antidote from the male sea hare and that it must be taken at the time one feels the effects.It also states that neither can be found anymore due to its extinction.Eike travels to the 13th of August 1584.Only to find Margaretes house now a derelict due to an explosion.He finds a woman and her daughter who it was the home of Dr.Wagner and an explosion just occured.After collecting scrap meat from a butcher he removes angry dog guarding the door and goes inside and meets Homunculus who doesnt recognise him.Making his way to the basement he finds it in ruins and travels to the 24th of May 1582 where he finds Hugo being bullied in the square.He goes to the basement lab of the Wagner house and confronts Dr.Wagner about his research and promises to procure the Philosophers Stone for him.Upstairs he meets Maragarete who mentions Hugo has become interested in becoming an Alchemist and Helena has died.He asks here for the sea hare antidote which she gives him.He reveals that he is in fact from the future and tells her about the future with topics ranging from Alfred Brum to Eckharts lost wife with Hugo spying on them.After chasing a woman he believes is Dana Eike returns to Magarete.Back at the house Margarete expresses a desire to visit the future and Eike is given the choice to explain his fear that he may her a descendant or not.Hugo returns and begins to pester them but is enraged when Margarete brings up subject of him holding a lock of their mothers hair with him all the time and heads down to the laboratory.Before leaving to the present Eike is given a comb from Margarete as a token who mentions that it gives her a vision of man as old as her father patting her on the head.Once he begins to feel the effect of the poison he takes the antidote and exmines the comb.

Chapter 6 Edit

A group of young women observe a poster for a movie called "The Meditating Man" but soon leave,Eike is then run over by a car and is convinced by Homunculus to ensure he is not alone.Eike then travels to the 7th of February and meets a younger Oleg Franssen meditating in an attempt to conjure Eike a second time.He suggests making a movie about the experience and asks Eike what kind of movie to make.Eike convinces him to make one of two movies concerning time travel.Imoressed Oleg gives him a fabrege egg watch made by his father. Walking around Eike hears a gunshot and finds Homunculus carrying a baby.He finds a dying young women surrounded by onlookers who mentions her lost baby.Eckhart arrives and it its revealed that her name is Miriam while the baby's name is Dana.Eike can choose to return to the past moments before the shooting and tries to stop Miriam walking down the street.She leaves only to be shoot again.Finding her dead again he is met by suspicion by the other townfolk and attempts to save her again.While travelling to the past Homunculus confronts him on this decision stating that he may end up having feel the sorrow of failure over and over again.During the second attempt to save her he decides to chase across the town and eventually pushes out of the way when her assailent fires at her.He saves his life but is unable to save Dana.Returning to the present a large crowd of women interested in a new time travel movie and the driver in the car dissapears.Eckhart rings Eike saying he needs the Alchemy book back and wants to meet him in the tower next to the library/museum.

Chapter 7 Edit

Inside Eike finds himself locked inside and upon reaching the top is pushed over the side.He realises that Eckhart may be the killer and returns to the 7th of April 2001 and after realising the door to the tower is locked decides to transport to 1902 and steal the key from the home(while his earlier self is being photographed(Sibylla manges to see him doing this.Hiding while his younger self changes clothes and leaves for the present Eike sneaks out and visits the bar and gets a cup of coffee(if he hasnt already)and pays the tab with the fabrege egg watch.Retuning to the tower net to the Brums home in this time period he finds a rope at the top and returns to the the 7th of April 2001 and ties it to the railing at the top of tower.On his way down he hears Eckhart talking on the phone about his daughter and Eike coming over to visit him the next day.Back in the present Eike is pushed off the edge once again but holds onto the rope preventing his death but drops the comb.He confronts Eckhart in his office who reveals that he was told by an unknown person he would be given the location of Dana if he killed Eike.Eckhart reveals he has seen the comb before.Eike gives it to him in exchange for forgiveness.If Eike saved Miriam earlier on she then enters and comforts him and recognizes Eike but is confused at his presence notices that the comb looks similar to one she gave to her daughter Dana after she was born.Outside Eckharts office Eike sees a drawing of Dana holding the Philosophers Stone

Chapter 8 Edit

Eike travels to the 3rd of August 1584 and finds Dana coming out of the workshop of Karl Franssen.They discuss her plans to stay in the past and how she now thanks Eike for bringing her to a place she belongs(If he hasnt told Margarete about his concerns regarding her possible relationship to Eike,he can choose to bring her back to the future).Regardless of which path he chooses he receives the Philosophers Stone.Eike goes to the Wagner house and after meeting Hugo and Margarete gives the stone to Dr,Wagner who says he will be finished with his experiment in 10 days.Eike realising that the house will be destroyed by then warns that it is dangerous.Dr.Wagner reveals that he intends on creating the Homunculus an artificial lifeform but wishes to keep it a secret from his children especially Hugo who may attempt to bring his mother back to life.When Eike meets up with the two Hugo reveals he intends to create a time machine like the Digipas.Dr.Wagner tells the two of them to leave for their relatives as the current experiment is very dangerous and hell send for them in ten days..He then returns to the laboratory and Eike leaves.Eike travels to the 13th of August-ten days later and finds the house in ruins with Margarete in the basement.Eike rushes downstairs and finds the remenats of a meter with the date 7th of April 2001 with Margarete nowhere to be found..Back in the present Eike receives a phone call from Hugo who got the the number from Eckhart.He explains that his future self created a time machine and travelled to the Wagners home when they arrived home from there relatives.Hugo tells Eike to bring Homunculus to the town square with Margarete(or Danas) voice heard in the background.At the town square Eike meets Hugo holding either Margarete or Dana hostage(Eike realises he is the killer as he saw Hugo earlier at the burning bar) and blames Eike for bringing his father the philosophers thus aiding him in the creation of Homunculus who caused the explosionHe further explains that his time machine could only follow Eike.He aims to now destroy Homunculus since he couldnt prevent its creations and possibly even save Helenas life.Margarete realises that Hugo has already made an attempt to bring their mother back using the lock of her hair.Hugo gives Eike twenty minutes for Eike to get Homunculus or hell leave Margarete in the present preventing Eikes birth(or kill Dana)

Fate Edit

Endings A-C can be procured by telling Margarete in Chapter 5 that Eike may be his descendent.To get endings D & E he doesnt tell her.If he does not tell her that he is given the choice to take Dana back to the present or leave her in the past.

Ending A

Eike discovers that Homunculus switched the infants Dana and Margarette after meeting him in the towns park on the 7th of February 1980, making modern-day Dana actually Margarete Wagner and medieval-Margarette actually Dana. He did it as he foresaw Hugo would attempt to leaving the real Margarete in the future.He explains that he was not able to leave the real Margarete with Eckhart due to the prescene of the townspeople at the scene.Homunculus states that he was physically incapable of murdering her(her assailant remains a mystery)and reveals he plans to return the fully grown children back to their places once adults to ensure Eike survives.He also explains that this is because fate has a homing instinct:no matter how many times you change the past fate always wants things to return to they were.After he dissapears Eike realises that the woman he knows as Dana is in fact Margarete his ancestor and "Margarete" is Eckharts daughter.Eike return to the present and visits the fortune teller in the modern day.She reveals that she is the trapped disembodied spirit of Hugo's mother, Helena Wagner, brought back after a failed attempt by Hugo to resurrect her using unmastered alchemy and her lock of hair disrupted by her husband Dr. Wagner.She is doomed to stay on earth for all eternity and that only people close to entering the world of the next can see and hear her.Helena also states that Homunculus was not an artificial life form but in fact an evil genie trapped in the Phiosophers Stone.Helena says goodbye to Eike and tells him to relay to Hugo that although what he did was unforgivable she still forgive him. Homunculus meets Eike outside and suggest that he conjure Dr.Wagner to convince Hugo to forgive Eike.Homunculus conjures Wolfgang Wagner to attempt to dissuade Hugo from his plans, and after a short discussion, both father and son disappear in a haze of smoke. Homunculus slyly reveals he could not call up the spirit of the real Dr. Wagner-as Eike had requested-because he was in fact not dead yet but Homunculus does not disclose Dr. Wagner's whereabouts. Eike chasties Homunculus for using him and returns the digipad.While returning the digipad to Homunculus, Eike accidentally drops the device, which explodes, killing Homunculus with a single piece of shrapnel striking his head(Homunculus having stated on multiple occasions that his body was extremely fragile). Sometime later, it is mentioned that Margarete is now reunited with her biological parents, the Brums, who adopted her, though it appears that none of them are aware of their true relation to each other. . While on a date in the square, Eike and Margarete return to the spot where Homunculus died, only to discover a large full-grown tree which contains the Philosopher's stone already embedded in its trunk.


'And so my strange experience has come to an end.'

Ending B1

In B1, Eike goes to the fortune tellers house only and discovers the fortune teller's identity and convinces Hugo to enter the hut to meet with her; Helena causes the building to collapse, killing Hugo, who allows himself to be killed by debris in order to be reunited with his mother (though it is not mentioned if her spirit is actually freed by this). Eike then returns Margarete to the past in which she grew up (though the present is actually her birth-era).He then goes to the Bar Zum Ei

Ending B2

After visiting only Homunculus, B2 sees Eike goading Hugo to abandon Margarete in the present, only to have Eckart subdue and scold him (neither he nor Margarete are aware of their true relation to each other). Hugo apologizes and returns to the past with Margarete. Eckhart tells Eikie he is moved by the young Margarete. He then goes to the Bar Zum Ei and then has a drink

Ending B

'It's all over. But somehow it left me without a sense of finality...'

Ending C

Eike travels to the 13th of August 1584. Hugo searches for his father's research while an elderly Hugo appears with a time machine and offers to teach him to use it. When Eike reveals his presence in an effort to stop young Hugo from listening, the older version panics and tries to escape up the stairs. Margarete gets in his way, and he threatens and tries to strike her with his cane. Hugo rushes to stop him, and the two make contact, causing both Hugos cease to exist due to a dimensional paradox. Margarete collapses, and Eike returns to the present, where he gives the Digipad back. After Homunculus' departure, Eike lies down in the street to look at the stars praising being alive, only to be run over by two drunk men in a car.

'If I could only do it over again, just one more time...'

Ending D

Eike chooses not to bring Dana home and then when he gives the stone to Dr. Wagner he mentions to him to draw a pentagram similar to the one on the Alchemy Book.Impressed by his youthful wisdom Dr. Wagner obliges.Eike enters the ruined lab and burns Wagner's notes about the stone, just as Hugo and Margarete enter. Unable to read the burned notes, Hugo apparently never learns about what his father was working on and thus never desires revenge or create a time machine, causing the Hugo and Margarete in the present to disappear. Hugo then decides to live his own life. It is revealed in a flashback that Homunculus is actually a djinn or genie imprisoned in the form of what became known as the Philosopher's stone, and not at all an artificial life created by Wolfgang Wagner. Upon learning of this from a newly awakened Homunculus (who appears once the Stone evaporates into smoke), Wolfgang suddenly realizes that he has ultimately wasted the majority of his adult life for literally nothing as he has neglected his family by spending virtually all of his time over the years seeking to cure his wife's progressively degenerative illness by attempting to create a Philosopher's Stone in his lab, only for her to die anyway before he ever managed to accomplish anything; with Homonculus's revelation that the Philosopher's Stone is merely just the Homonculus' sealed form and not really an alchemical creation at all, it turns out that it was already always impossible right from the very start. Extremely depressed, Wolfgang immediately experiences a nervous breakdown and fervently wishes to be young again like Eike (who he had met earlier and who impressed him with his youthful energy), so as to have a "do-over". Homunculus callously derides Wolfgang for his emotional outburst and an enraged Wolfgang then tries to reseal him/her with a pentagram. This enrages Homunculus in turn and just before (s)he transforms into the Stone again, (s)he curses Wolfgang "to suffer the eternal night of youth" (the blessing of eternal youth but saddled with perpetually recurring amnesia) thus filling the room with smoke and lightning. Once the air clears, Wolfgang Wagner's younger self is revealed to in fact actually be Eike himself (it is subtly hinted earlier in the game in a conversation between Eike and Helena on her deathbed shortly before her death, that Helena finds that Eike's voice sounds shockingly similar to Wolfgang's). Over the course of the next several centuries, Eike then becomes an immortal wanderer who permanently loses all his long-term memories on a regular periodic basis.

Ending D

'So what have I actually accomplished? Where did I come from, and where am I going? How long is eternity? Who am I... really?'

Ending E

Eike asks Dana, the actual Margarete Wagner (his biological daughter, based on Ending D, though neither is aware of this), to return with him to the present in which she grew up, and she reluctantly agrees. When Eike arrives at the town square in the present at the request of Hugo she is held hostage by Hugo (again, neither of them nor Eike are aware of their true relation to each other). Eike goes to get Margarete and brings her to the present, where she slaps and scolds Hugo. Tearfully, she tells him she can try and be more like their mother was to them and take care of them both. Hugo apologizes, then returns to the past with Margarete, who had managed to warn Eike about Hugo's plans. Eike and Dana are then about to intimately share a tender embrace but are suddenly interrupted by Homunculus. After a brief conversation in which Eike returns the digipad to Homunculus, Eike walks Dana back to her apartment. It is shown that while Dana says to Eike that she feels that he feels like he would be a "cool dad" as he seems to her to be "with it all", it remains deliberately ambiguous as to whether they still retain any serious romantic attraction for each other after literally years of separation between them on the part of Dana when she was in the Middle Ages; this has caused many fans to speculate that, given their continued flirtatious rapport with each other due to genetic sexual attraction, could possibly lead to future accidental incest on their part as they are actually secretly long-lost father and daughter (further fueled by the ending screen featuring Dana's picture and containing an admission from Eike that he does not know what his future may hold, which may be for the best). In a flashback, it is shown that Homunculus made Wagner disappear (possibly killing him), after he had wished never to see the creature again. It is possible this is not actually a flashback, but an epilogue, revealing what happens after Eike gives Dr. Wagner the stone, which contains the Homunculus he sealed away in another timeline. This also explains how Eike is able to encounter Homunculus in the ruins of Wagner's house after the experiment fails and why he did not recognize him.


'What kind of a life awaits me...? I'm not sure, but maybe that's the way it should be. The future is what - what all of us - make it.'

Final Fate Edit

In a new, alternative timeline, formed after the events of the previous endings, Eike exits the coffee shop at 2pm on March 8th, only to be stabbed by Hugo. Waking up in Homunculus' realm, it is revealed that Eike now has all of his memories from the previous timelines/endings, as he asks, "Am I dead again?", and recognises Homunculus' voice. Like before, he obtains the Digipad and goes back to 2pm, waking up in the cafe. This time, he tries searching for the Philospher's Stone in the cafe, knowing that it is supposed to be in his possession. Unable to find it, he looks through the town.Remembering that he went to the fortune teller's/Helena's place "a bunch of times", he goes there and tells her that he will find the stone soon and wondering what to do with it and Homunculus. Helena, cursing Homunculus as a "cursed abomination", cannot suggest to him on how he will use it.At the town sqaure, he notices the future version of himself disguised as a street performer, fully aware of his identity by saying, "Hey, that me!". At the Bar Zum Li, the fire starts again as it did it Chapter 1, with Hugo trying to get Eike into it so that he will die. Eike knows this time around that it is Hugo, but manages to prevent saying this. Not going into the bar, he watches his future self, who throws his the egg ornament, but this time the message does not involve getting something for protection, but instead informs Eike that the red stone is the Philosopher's Stone and will help create an elixir of life, capable of healing all diseases. The future Eike disappears, with the present version noting that this version of himself was from a different future.Going back to the cafe, he checks to see if Dana has gone off to give him back the lighter and the stone, only for her to be still in the place, thus he retrieves the stone. Back to the bar, Eike goes in, and discovers that unlike last time, he can't travel back to before the fire, but instead 1580, due to recovering the stone earlier than in the previous timelines.

EX1 Ending

Eike goes back to 1580, once again saving Magarete from blackmail, and goes to the Wagners' home. He meets Hugo and the sick Helena before going with Magarete to check up on Dr. Wagner. In the alchemist's laboratory, Eike hands Magarete the stone, not wanting to give it to him personally in fear of a paradox. He tells Wagner that it is the Philospher's Stone and how using a small chip of it can cure his wife. Exiting the house just as Helena is cured by the elixir of life, Eike stumbles, having changed the history of his family as well as prevent Homunculus from being released. Fading away, he is happy that he is free of regret before disappearing completely.

EX2 Ending

Eike dies in the burning Bar Zum Li and finds himself in Homunuclus' realm, with the Philospher's Stone in his pocket. He calls for Homunculus, who is disappointed due to wanting to show himsef to Eike later. With the djinn right in front of him, Eike throws the stone at him, resulting in a pardox that erases Homunculus from existence. Happy that he is free from fate, Eike fades away into nothing.

Ending EX

'All those people in my memory... What happened to them, in all the lives they lived? There's no way to know, not now... But I'm going to believe they all had a good life. And myself, I'm going to start living a new life. Free of regrets...'

Themes & MotifsEdit

The repeating nature of time and fate:

A common motif present throughout the game is the repeating nature of time.One instance of this how different generations of the same family produce individuals with the same tastes and phenotypes.For eample all members of the Franssen family that are seen or mentioned look the same with short wavy hair and glassess and are all involved in some form of the arts:Karl Franssen in the 1580s is an painter,Mr Franssen in 1902 is a photographer,Oleg Franssen in the present day and 1970s & 1980s is a movie director while his father a clock maker.Another example is the three maidens who are present together in both the 1580s and present day.Each citizen of the town have ancestors who work in similar jobs tastes asides from looking similar.Also the squire who resides in the large manison at the outskirts of town also is bald on the crown of his head like his descendants Alfred Brum and Eckhart.He,Alfred and Eckhart have lost their wives and have daughters.In the EX endings after Eike either destroys Homunculus or cures Helena he ensures that Hugo and the real Dana stay in their time,  have descendants thus culminating in the young boy that looks like Hugo kicking the football into the young man that looks like Eike(Dr.Wagner).

The inescapable nature of fate and paradoxes:

The inescable nature of fate is a common theme in the game.As Homunculus explains when Eike meets him in 1980 he explains that although he switched Dana and Margarete at birth to prevent Hugo destroying Eike he admits that he will eventually in order to restore things to normal as "no matter how much you want to change things fate always want to put things back the way they were".This is due to a "homing instinct" it posseses as evident by "Dana" wanting to stay and start a new life for herself in 1584(Endings A-D) and "Margarete" having a constant interest in Eikes time period.It also present in the fact that she is eventually adopted by Eckhart and Miriam(Ending A) and "Dana" commenting on Eike being like a father figure even going as far as to call him Dad (Ending E). In a subversion of the grandfather paradox Mr Eckhart has a large litter of kittens and gives one to Eike who in turn gives it to Sibylla Brum,the daughter of Alfred Brum,Eckharts ancestor.Thus the cat becomes its own ancestor.This could also be a reference to Schrodingers cat a thought experiment relating to quantum mechanics,paralell universes and time travel.One rule of time travel is that a person who travels to the past cannot make physical contact with another version of themselve or they will be wiped out of the timeline.This is made clear on three occasions:when Eike tries to wake up his younger self in the cafe during the prologue,when the younger Hugo tackles his older self(Ending C) and when Eike throws the philosophers stone into Homunculus(EX 2).