The Kitten was a minor character in the game that is used in a side quest. Born in 2001 as one of many kittens that were owned by Eckart Brum, Eike chooses this kitten to be taken back in time to 1902 to be raised by Sibylla Brum. This kitten presumably then lived the rest of its life, having kittens of its own until one of its descendants gave birth to the Kitten in 2001, so Eike can take it back in time in the first place. In the EX endings, it is possible that the Kitten, and it's descendants, no longer exists because Eike Kusch was erased from existence.

The Kitten


Itself (ancestor/descendant)
Eckart Brum (former owner)
Sibylla Brum (current owner)
Other kittens owned by Eckart (siblings/descendants)