The Meditating Man is a 2001 film made by movie director Oleg Franssen. The film came into existence when a young Oleg spotted Eike Kuschs appearing out of nowhere in 1979. Through brainstorming, and in another timeline a real meeting with Eike in 1980, Oleg eventually released the film, which was about a psychokinetic hero trying to uncover a series of murders. However, few people actually liked his work and not many were interested in the film, with even Eike saying that the film sounded dull.

In order to prevent his death however, Eike manipulated Oleg into creating a different film, with the general plot of the story being about the latter's own adventure. This conversation with Oleg spawns three different timelines, with two of those timelines having him direct a very successful film while being successful himself.

The three alternate films to The Meditating Man, which were: Trip for Two, which is apparently a romance story and features a man and a woman, presumably the two lead characters; The Time of Dying, which puts a thriller spin on the time travel story and judging form the poster, involves an ensemble cast and a masked killer;

Trivia Edit

  • Almost ironically, Eike's suggestions to either make the film a love story or a thriller reflect how his story could be seen in the game. While love could be considered romantic love, it could also be considered Eike's love for his family and how he dies to ensure their happiness in the EX ending, while the thriller aspect reflects how Homunculus is manipulating him and how Hugo keeps killing him.