The young couple consists of a woman wearing glasses and her hair covered in a scarf.The man wears a large cap with a beard.Both are wearing trench coats.and are looking for each other moving positions around the town in each chapter they appear in.They never meet each other and eventually dissapear.They appear at the following locations in 2001:

  • PROLOUGE & CHAPTER 1(In the past): The man is located oppisite the Bar Zum Ei,where Kinchen street starts. The woman is located in the Marketplatz,oppisite the teenage girl.
  • CHAPTER 3:The man is found to the left of the arch on Ruckagasterstr.The woman is standing at the entrance of the Antique Shop Eule.
  • CHAPTER 4: The man is standing next to the arch on Haup street,next to the small park.The woman is found at the flowerbed at the top of Haup street next to the Church and Bar Zum Ei.
  • CHAPTER 5:The man is found at the North Gate.The woman is found at the Alchemists House.
  • CHAPTER 7:The man is standing at the gate in-between the Church and Bar Zum Ei.The woman is standing at the clock near the South Gate.

In the Playstation Portable version of the game their ancestors can be found in the 1580's looking for each other.

  • Young woman in 2001
  • Young man 2001